CGP14: The Love of Freak Milways & Tango Wax
by Kate Schapira (20 pp. Sewn Binding) $7 ppd.

Kate Schapira gives us a gender-neutral utopian porno. Nonviolent slapstick for a new century, The Love of Freak Milways and Tango Wax’s dumpster-diving heroes eke out a breathless place amid the detritus of the disintegrating city. With something for everyone but not much of anything, Freak & Tango get off for your sins trussed high above the overpass.

Setting up

from The Love of Freak Milways and Tango Wax by Kate Schapira

Duct tape?




Beer cups from the benefit?

Check, but next time we should use the rewashable cups.

Okay. Plastic bags?

Um—negative on the plastic bags. Any corner stores around here?

There’s the So-No-Co.

I’ll check their dumpster. Are we missing anything else? What about the feather masks?

I thought you said the rhinestone masks.

No, the feather masks to go with the tails.


It’s okay, honey, we can go up with the rhinestone masks.

I could’ve sworn you said—

Don’t worry about it, let’s just make sure we have everything else. Burned-out glow sticks?


Extension cord? 


Soldering iron?


Good. Great. Fine. I’ll go check the dumpster and meet you at the construction site in twenty minutes. 

Wait, what about the mistletoe?

We decided not to use the mistletoe