CGP 13: Dead-Eye Spring
by Cheryl Clark Vermeulen (24 pp. Sewn Binding. Vellum Endpapers.) $7 ppd.

Dead-Eye Spring offers a bird’s-eye view of being-in-the world. Cheryl Clark Vermeulen navigates the minefield between the self and the universe as a Kevlar-clad ballerina. Never quotidian, Vermeulen’s unheimlich observations consistently surprise and reassure. She is unafraid to tell us what we already knew but were afraid to ask. Do not fear this chapbook, fear this chapbook.

From Dead-Eye Spring
by Cheryl Clark Vermeulen

When I buy the moon

                             -shaped crystal to hang from my window
miracles happen. I’m haunted by your question.
          Do you still believe in miracles?

Roommate says, you don’t sing anymore. 

I wish my shoulders
               were waves. I drink a glass of water,

translate serenity: not a tear-
                                     jerker for the blind.