CGP 3: Exertions
by Scott Glassman (20 pp. Saddle-Stitched)

Scott Glassman's first chapbook offers simultaneously alien and quotidian glosses on the perils of existing alone and with others. Scott's take on the prose poem operates by way of arpeggios of contrapuntal phrases threatening to tear the form apart while giving them surprising rhythmic balance.

Ursa Major
by Scott Glassman
It is a peculiarity of man that he can only live by looking to the future— Victor Frankl

then things went south. the color photocopier legging out, its paper jam teaching epic rivers. prose-glut. metropolis. How can I get back to the first. rabbinical height. banks of this Delaware. winter. one generation— "Highs" filling the now. soundspace. Fourteen hundred miles away. next time. come noon, soon. "Less expensive". aren't (doesn't) cannot invade. inventory. numeric postulate (pod) of 2s, 0s. waxing smile. they treat papyrus with. ask the sun to count its proteins (yours). starting from the right margin, moving left, skimming driest elms, distended, infantile organism (no, wrong). that is the moon

is to think beyond our means of the physical. & wasn't it. the flustered dialectic. them. "of course". it is the manner. purpose. pose. have no doubt. knowing. can stop the rain, retract it from the thinning. nervously. threading. blunted. schematic. no belief "but". or in

multi-nuclear. uncareful. carefree. night-bore. as many lakes to my name as fingers. bony Prospero. shrug your waves India-ward. the tepid cell is a parsec lighter from attachments (loss). T- or S- or Z-. prefixes notwithstanding. disables you. an also-ness. seed-full. seeming unlike what the plain. unified happening. of uncommanded body

up-in-the-echo. participle-dry. past-present. plu-perfect. wit of separation. that-if you let go. record the panhandle Amazon of Spokane metaphysic. gleam-driven. weaned. from the mother of mothers & languages. excreted oils operating without censure. license. the second hand. coiling itself. watery phoneme. hour's diameter. you must be "this". expunged (explained). freezing. David. sinking as he was. taken. thirst (yours) replaced. silenced. into us