CGP 2: My Spaceship
(44 pp. Saddle-Stitched B & W illus.)


My Spaceship is an anthology of visual and ekphrastic poetry based on science-fiction images. Featuring work by:

Christopher Rizzo, Garth Graeper, Catherine Meng, Steven Roberts, Suzanne Nixon, Maureen Thorson, Michael Carr,
Erica Kaufman, K. Lorraine Graham, Noah Falck, Stacy Szymaszek, Eileen Tabios, Joseph Bienvenu, Shafer Hall
William Corbett, Jill Magi, Jess Mynes, Ginger Hoffman, Tom Beckett, Scott Glassman, Jon Leon, Nathan Pritts

by Jon Leon

My utopian home
is located in an adirondack
priss parlor. “Quite
the contrary, Dae.”
—our oversight
The surrealist believed
was its own justification.
in my place here at the
colonial site
like the Sago mine
our tubular dissonance
discharge internecine
contractors. This is a hover
bout. Pick a leading literati
deutsche crie,
for the mind is an
elaborate pistol.
Reel them in just
close enough so that
they feel the blow.