CGP 4: Caracas Notebook
by Guillermo Parra (20 pp. Saddle-Stapled with Linen binding, B&W photographs)

Guillermo Parra's lyric paen to the city and the dramatically changing face of Venezuela at the beginning of this century is rife with exile and nostalgia. These are poems from between--between languages, cultures, identities and forms. Sparse, objectivist-inspired poems are mingled with direct but enigmatic prose reminiscent, to my mind, of W.G. Sebald. Like Sebald, these poems are homesick for a point of origin which may or may not have ever existed. With black and white photographs of Caracas by Isabel Parra.

From Caracas Notebook by Guillermo Parra


Dark served on rain
Open atrium windows
Discuss your biography
feature film
Your page was shuffled
as the lights begin to glow
across the smaller valley
language will dissolve
air residency patterns