CGP 33: Learning to Draw/A History: Grey
by Basil King  (20 pp. Saddle-Stitched) $7 ppd.

Cy Gist Press is happy to announce the release of GREY, the latest chapter in Basil King's Learning to Draw/A History epic, just in time for the new year, and representative of this year's winter weather thusfar. Baz's wife Martha sums it up best whe she says:

“Every artist finds his own gray” writes Basil King, but for Baz, the British kicks in:  GREY.
A young man dismounts wearing a beautiful long dress. His hair is combed back and there is a hint of make-up on his face. He is a movie star, a creature capable   of lighting up the movie screen. And on the screen written in longhand a poem  declares that the soul is never corrupt. Even when it is visited by bleakness the soul maintains its integrity.
John Wieners faced the page and told the messenger I will not atone. I will not repent for loving death’s disapproval.
Others in this poem include Jasper Johns, Rauchenberg, Twombly, O’Hara, Martha King and daughters, Mallory and Hetty King, when very young. 
Counteract your post-holiday blues with some GREY.