CGP 29: Duck Tour: The Movie
by Joseph Torra  (24 pp. Saddle-Stitched) $6 ppd.

 Cy Gist Press is happy to announce the release of Joseph Torra's Duck Tour: The Movie.  Written in response to poet Ed Barrett’s Boston noir Bosston, Joseph Torra’s Duck Tour: The Movie continues the city’s conversation with itself in its sleep. Torra plumbs the strata of Boston’s mythology, its folklore and its clichés in search of the city for real, but knowing said city does not exist. A local color field painting, Duck Tour: The Movie adds to the saga of the “brick city by the water” and hides pearls for locals and aliens alike.

From Duck Tour: The Movie
by Joseph Torra

Sun breaks through storm clouds then rain funeral mass ends late morning procession reforms outside Fenway a complex system of the soul gravitates towards all living things today’s rain played by a young understudy a girl half your age stands in front of a full length mirror measuring herself against her notoriety a continuation of the city’s reputation for publicity stunts as protesters get run off by mounted police wielding clubs now history licks the blue at the back of your face now fishermen on an ocean trawler now the Longfellow House Brattle Street now mousy brown eyes stare back through plastic sippy-cups