CGP 23: Sharpsburg
by Joel Chace  (24 pp. Saddle-Stitched.) $8 ppd.

In Sharpsburg, Joel Chace splits open the archive and finds the seeds of consciousness inside;  contrapuntal narrative threads are woven together in an asynchronous braid for the muse of memory.  History’s violence eclipsed by the violence of living and the violence of desire.  Chace makes a mandala of the disparate grains of syntax, cognition.

From Sharpsburg
by Joel Chace

Your rope is our hope.  He tried to explain what his mother meant, but the doctor told him to shut up; there was no way he could translate her suffering.  During that hour, while bullets snipped leaves from a young locust tree growing at an edge of the hollow and powdered us with fragments, we had time to speculate on many things.  Huge problems with the petard.  Night started at the end of creek water.  His handwriting is neat and legible, he spells accurately, his observations are hardly ever emotional, and he rarely mentions religion. I would like to think that he is part of the burial party in that photograph.

There were a great many left unburied, and where they were exposed to the sun they were as black as darkies.  I will here correct an effort made on page 13.  Butterfly or penguin?  Manifestly, there’s a point to bad taste.  She could feel it coming, so she kept her composure when—right in the middle of the viewing—he said, “What do you think’s going to happen?”  He runs the place, on paper, at least.  Wrenching an answer out of that set of variables.  I avoid clichés like the plague.  He was officially released about three weeks later, which meant that, as he says it, “I was once again, legally and technically, food for powder.”
CGP 22: cock-burn
by j/j hastain  (20 pp. Saddle-Stitched.) $7 ppd.

Sex lost its teeth when it became an abstraction, but in cock-burn, j/j hastain remembers that fucking has always been and will always be revolutionary.  Teeth and all other parts.  Here is a map in 1:1 scale, without gloss or euphemism.  The oracle in the temple of the body speaks from the shadows, long absent.  The news is good.

from cock-burn
by j/j hastain

then later             post come
the rose-quiet
            the acknowledged sub-terra bruises
                  tears that are masticated
                         in order to verify that they
                                    can be taken in as nourishment
this is spiritual fusion that is so sure
            that it turns our physiology
                        into an opus of awes
CGP 21: Megton Gasgan Krakooom
by Paolo Javier  (42 pp. Saddle-Stitched w/B&W illus.) $8 ppd.

We deserve our monsters.  We are our monsters.  In Megton Gasgan Krakooom, Queens Poet Laureate Paolo Javier opens the box of the id and the planchette goes ballistic.  Janus is both Jeckyl and Hyde and speaks with two mouths.  Javier is a mutant toreador, daring the minotaur with verboten speech.  Feed the Gorgon and you’ll notice you’re the one in the cage.  With cryptozoologic fieldwork by Ernest Concepcion.

by Paolo Javier 
Love as a maximum ablution
No tenements. L’amourat sea
                       unwrit a diver riddle
a diver riddle fraction lyric animé
somber, frisky, fed supplicant chose sequence
Sarajevo’s era recalled
            Will fucking among stranger armadas question the equation
taunt port of entry for adored id dulcinea
ocular riddles pattern importune
lair Im in rattled at two
hail circuitry!
between grand echelon laid open port west of entry
            border to border borders sold in glove
color of rose averred, intoxicated envy at scenic rate
sex lead lantern
to know crescendo in summit question colloquy
            lair Im rattled into
rigorous voyage a picador Jihad
in total tyranny, carnage, sullied ladle deicide
what murder they’llsecond next
                                                            all gold in us
            despair, anxiety, plain entry
                        Saddam for Sunni ranks satyrs
magnificent diaspora of Amazons to heed us
I comfort Eros, buttons intact
lost seismic nautilus
o diem italic dads Ive bitten
                        I brag!
              o Oracle ruins
my entire sustenance induce coma all experience
all gold in us, sanguine, solar, terrible entry synapse appear
I compare a supplicant
murder, grave, pulsating
sub-prime synod atlas serbis soiled I
             assume redundant agave tan
Etreus destiny Aquinas in lessons
pigeons in the circle sojourn kneeling
Christian aspersion aspersion simpering