CGP 20: Feast Day Gone & Coming
by Frank Sherlock  (16 pp. Saddle-Stitched) $7 ppd.


In his second chapbook for Cy Gist Press, Feast Day Gone & Coming, Frank Sherlock gives us a map of the heavens as revolutionary love song, replacing Andromeda & Orion with you & me.  It may cost us dearly to be humanized, but Sherlock’s work is what we get for our trouble.  With beautiful cover comix by James Comey.

From Feast Day Gone & Coming
by Frank Sherlock

    Each creature is secured by the sling

         of culture   

    as asserted in the press materials                       





            & still there is no explanation of

            the meaning of ordinary rendition

                    Of course

        there is a human cost

            How much does it cost to be humanized