CGP 18: to know this
by Angela Veronica Wong (20 pp. Saddle-Stitched w/ Die-Cut Stars) $7 ppd.

In to know this Angela Veronica Wong maps the constellation of the body and its desires.  The life of a star is the life of a person.  Wong's spare, precise lines chart a firmament that is both celestial and down-to-earth.

From to know this
by Angela Veronica Wong

                                   to know stars die:
in wartime, countries
trade bodies for prisoners.
what is more valuable—a body
symbolic, or a body alive?  would you
trade for mine would i want
to trade for yours      is it
the body or the wanting
my want of your body my want
for your body to be my body or maybe just
next to my body       animals curled
in water     this is how I wish
to be – warmth       belonging       the L next to an S
somewhere between the meeting and the knowing
the wanting and the having
like clean sheets on a bed
hints of what is to come.